Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's day scavenger hunt!!

MOTHER'S DAY Week HUGE Scavenger HUNT!!!!! thr 05/11/09

05/06/09 thru 05/11/09
Get ready to hunt ladies, this one is huge!! We are celebrating Mother's Day and we're starting early.
Find this IMAGE below, click on it and get download: Good Luck ladies. Please come back to this post and reply with a comment that you found them all. Enjoy!

Image to look for:

Here are the treasures ladies, collect them all:


1. CLUE: Collecting photos from my wedding day (forum)

2. CLUE: A day in the water at Seaworld (forum)

3. CLUE: The fairies are orchard fairies and Blooming fairies (forum)

4. CLUE: excentric, grungy, metal blending soft designs (store)

5. CLUE: All in one place: Bag, Bell, Bouquet Bridal, Tuxedo, Church, Cake Topper, Pillar Candle, Rings Pillow (store)

6. CLUE: It's not all about Word Arts, Buttons and Floral Sprays but also Different Flowers (store)
7. CLUE: For all those wonderful people who gave us life, especially my mother (store)

8. CLUE: Found in a shabby rusty warm colors of old Paris with it's narrow streets with small bistro restaurants and old houses (store)

9. CLUE: It's about life, colors in a retro style (store)

10. CLUE: The softness of cotton, the blue shades of the sky, rain, wings, angels... (store)

11. CLUE: I hope you enjoy this Mother Days (store)

12. CLUE: She is 13 years old and strickly an indoor cat (store)

13. CLUE: Fun-looking and bubbly. Express your self (store)

14. CLUE: "Here Fishy Fishy" (store)

15. CLUE: cute little Hippy! Brightly Colored for Spring (store)

16. CLUE: Hangin Doile and Chain with Clasp, you go figure it out! (store)

17. CLUE: Sleeping angels, or kisses in the moonlight! (store)

18. CLUE: I'm just soooo cute and have so many lovely things. With me, anything is possible (store)

Freebies uploaded to store, etc


nlo May 11, 2009 at 3:58 AM  

Bog Ivana!
Nemogu nigdje naći tvoju mail adresu a trebaš mi:))
ako mi se možeš javiti na

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